Sip in Style This Valentine's Day

Sip in Style This Valentine's Day

Sip your favorite coffee or tea in style this Valentine's Day! 

Large red heart mug with large handle

Hi friends & happy Wednesday!

Quick question - do you decorate your home for Valentine's Day?

If your answer is no, I totally understand that!
Going "all out" for every single season isn't for everyone. 
It can be a lot and overwhelming to always have your home 100% full decorated. 

I personally go ALL OUT for Fall, Halloween and Christmas. I'm talking like I plan what our decor will look like months in advance. 

I'm not the only one, right?! LOL! 

Even though I may not go all out for Valentine's Day, I still enjoy bringing the holiday into our home. My favorite way to bring Valentine's Day into our home is with coffee/tea mugs! 


Mugs are the perfect way to bring a season or holiday into your home! You can style a coffee bar, enjoy a morning cup of coffee or some sleepy time tea at night!


We have three mugs you can choose from this Valentine's Day!

  1. Beige Neutral Heart Mug 
  2. Red Valentine's Day Mug
  3. XO Red Mug


Shop our Valentine's Day Mugs Today

Cannot wait to see which coffee mug you snag this Valentine's Day!
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